Lighthoof Ambassador Program

Lighthoof equine affiliate program.

Turn your passion for horses into income

Refer. Get paid. It's that simple! As a member of the Lighthoof Ambassador team, you can help people understand how Lighthoof can improve horses’ lives and earn money doing it!

Simple steps to success

You will get a custom link to the Lighthoof website that you can share in person, social media, or on your blog or website. When anyone buys Lighthoof through your custom link, we pay you a 10% commission on the sale. It’s that easy!

Raise funds for your equestrian organization

Organizations can be Lighthoof Ambassadors too. Horse rescues, riding clubs, and other groups can raise much-needed funds by promoting Lighthoof. Simply post your custom Lighthoof link on your organization's website or share it on your group's Facebook page and we will start sending your cause or club money for customers referred from your organization's link!

It's free to sign up and zero commitment

Many so called "income opportunities" require you to make a significant investment and time commitment in order to make any money. Not so with Lighthoof's Ambassador program!

Sign up online in 3 minutes and you have everything you need to get started at whatever time commitment you want. Some people just click the easy share button to post on Facebook and call it good. Others email their contacts or add the links and images that we provide to their websites or blogs.

If you're as passionate about helping horse owners with their mud as we are, you can do our free online training course to become a equine mud management expert and visit farms with our printable assessment forms for in-depth paid or complimentary consultations.

Whatever level you choose to participate at is up to you and you can change at any time. Sign up for free and explore your options.

The rewards match your effort

The Lighthoof Ambassador program rewards you for your efforts and successes by paying you a 10% commission on every sale. Some Ambassadors just want to refer a few friends to make some extra cash for a tack shop spree. Others dive into the mud head-first and really supplement their income. An average paddock area needs about 10 panels, which would earn you around $200 as an Ambassador. That adds up quickly! With one sale like that each month you could indulge a tack store habit. With 10 sales that size, you’re earning $2,000 per month!*

*There is no guarantee of any specific total monthly income, only your commission rate of 10% for all sales made through your custom link.

We’re with you every step of the way

We provide product information, sample messages for email and social media, training materials, worksheets for farm visits, and an online app to track your success. We’re also here to answer your questions via email or phone 7 days per week.

Active Ambassadors become a part of the Lighthoof family. We have special promotions, incentives, perks, contests, and fun events that bring together horse enthusiasts like us. We’re united by a commitment to healthy horses and a healthy environment.

Ready to turn your passion for horse care into a cash source? Sign up now to become a Lighthoof Ambassador.

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