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Mud Is Harmful to Horses

  • Constant exposure to mud causes skin and hoof conditions
  • Muddy paddock footing can cause a serious injury from lack of traction
  • Standing in deep mud all-day strains the sensitive soft tissue in horses’ legs
  • Horses can become chilled from being turned out on wet mud

Mud Is Bad for Your Farm

  • Muddy paddocks are difficult and time-consuming to maintain
  • It’s impossible to have adequate manure management in a muddy paddock
  • Mud reduces the perceived value of your farm and facilities
  • Unstable and slick ground prevents vehicle access where you need it
  • Mud around your barn can undermine your building and cause structural damage

Never Struggle With Mud Again

This past fall I installed our Lighthoof. I have been totally sold on this, the paddock has been mud free from rain and snow, and so much easier to clean. This summer I will be putting Lighthoof in my other 3 paddocks.

Pam D.

I had been using wood chips in my horse's paddock for years. But as they degrade they can be a mess. I installed Lighthoof Panels in front of his run and gate area to improve drainage and keep his feet healthier. Now I'm thinking of doing the whole paddock with them!

Rachael C.

My hoof trimmer commented that this is the best my horses feed have ever looked over a winter with the nice clean and dry Lighthoof area they stand in. One of the best things we've ever done for our horse property. It's right up there with the indoor arena and the heated automatic water tank!

Nicole M.

In December 2015 I walked through 8" of mud, sunk in my boots almost to the brim. We installed the Lighthoof right on top of the mud and it's still just as good as ever. No degradation. And I have an athletic pony that blasts around the paddock. We're expanding our paddock soon and I'll be installing Lighthoof in the new area too.

Christine W.

In 2013 I was hired to manage a stable of 35 horses. The facility is about 85 years old and has SEVERE drainage issues! I researched several different systems, but what sold me on Lighthoof was the design and ease of installation! Our boarders are THRILLED with the improvement to the facility. Our staff says daily cleaning is so much easier and they are able to work more quickly.

Camille G.

We Understand What It’s Like To do Battle With Mud!

Our founders are life-long horse people with a boarding and training facility in the Pacific Northwest housing 40 horses.

As a product design engineer and an equine husbandry expert, they put their heads together to develop a solution that would be robust enough to withstand the rigors of decades of horse use. They knew that it had to be designed specifially for this purpose - a light-duty solution was not an option!

With almost a decade in “the field” (hehe!), tens of thousands of Lighthoof panels have proven themselves as lifesavers to horses and horse owners in different climates all over the world!

  • One (1) panel expands to cover 6 feet by 12 feet of ground
  • Forty (40) high strength zip-style panels ties included for connecting seams
  • Panels are shipped in bundles that are only 4’ long and weigh 25 pounds
  • *All quantities ship free within the continental US

perfect paddocks for perfect horses

We know that you want to be the perfect horse owner. In order to do that, you need your farm to be comfortable, beautiful, and safe. The problem is, no matter how hard you try, the combination of moisture and hoof pressure causes mud to form in high-traffic areas, which makes you feel like your facilities are failing and your horses are suffering.

At Lighthoof We believe that with the right support every horse can have a mud-free turnout area. We understand that horses exert extreme pressures on the ground, which is why we spent years researching and adapting an Army Corps of Engineers invention to protect the ground from hoof damage that leads to mud.

Here’s How We Do It

We ship our specially designed equine-rated ground support panels, collapsed in bundles, directly to your farm.
You stretch them out where you need mud control and fill them with locally sourced crushed stone.
The resulting non-slip surface is firm, durable, and easy to maintain.

Order Your Lighthoof Panels

Lighthoof panels ship free from our warehouse in TX. In the meantime, please feel free to chat with one of our project planners for free tips and resources, so that you can spend less time in the mud and more time in the saddle.
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