Flexible Mud Control Grids For Horse Farms

For over a decade Lighthoof has been a leader in equine mud management - providing the best mud remediation solutions for horse paddocks, gates, run-in sheds, pasture shelters, dry lots and even stalls!

Be mud free forever with Lighthoof!

Excels on Slopes – Prevents Erosion – Minimal Base Prep

Made in the USA - 10 year warranty - Free shipping in the continental US

Lighthoof is patented for equine use - US9103087B2.


Lighthoof panels during an installation


Lighthoof panels after installation


Paddock mud before Lighthoof installation



Lighthoof is the ultimate soil stabilization solution for use in and around all areas of your farm. It is not limited to use with horses - we have many customers using with cows, goats, llamas, chickens and even pigs!

As long as you can get gravel to the site you can install over existing mud. Keep in mind that Lighthoof locks in the lay of the land, so any changes you wish to make to grade to help direct surface water flow should be made prior to installing your panels.

Install geotextile fabric beneath Lighthoof panels for longevity of the gravel


We highly recommend the use of a heavy duty (6-8 oz), non-woven geotextile fabric below your Lighthoof panels. This prevents mud from seeping up and gravel from migrating down. It will extend the life of your installation and prevent gravel loss to mud beneath. This is purchased locally and is also available through many retailers on Amazon - often with free Prime shipping!

Read more on fabric selection

Stretch Lighthoof panels to 6'x12'


Each Lighthoof panel expands to be 6'x12'. Included are 40 zip ties per panel so that each cell can be attached to the adjacent one, creating one continuous mat. Connecting each cell ensures that the panels evenly distribute weight, properly hold the compacted gravel and prevent any free edges from emerging through the surface with frost heave. If horses will have access to edges, protect them with railroad ties or pressure treated timbers.

Read more about edge protection and why it's necessary

Fill Lighthoof with a small, angular crushed stones with fines


We recommend using 3/8" minus - a very small, angular crushed stone with fines. It needs to be highly compactable and not contain round particles such as pea gravel or sand. Quarries may have specific names for the type of gravel that fits our specifications and they may not refer to it as 3/8" minus. A standard installation will use between 1.5 - 1.75 cubic yards of gravel per panel.


Read more about proper gravel selection

Compact the gravel in the Lighthoof cells using a vibrating plate compactor


Rent a vibrating plate compactor from your local Home Depot or hardware store. They are inexpensive and can often be rented in 4 hour increments. This is a critical step often missed.

Water the gravel if it is dry to aid in compaction. Run the plate compactor slowly over the panels. Once you see the diamond pattern of the cells appearing, add more gravel and compact again until the settling stops. You can then add your final loose top layer on top. 1"-2" additional is what most customers prefer.

Let your horses be mud free forever with Lighthoof!


Customers find that even doing a small area helps tremendously - as the horses prefer to stay on the Lighthoof areas, avoiding tender, wet ground. This usually reduces mud even in areas that do not have Lighthoof. Try just a few panels at a gate to start. We know you'll be back for more!

Watch the full installation process and find tips and tricks on our Installation page.

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Lighthoof Specifications

Lighthoof is 6'x12' with 3" tall cell walls and only 5.5" in diameter - designed for horses!
  • Panels expand to cover at least 6' x 12' of ground (72 sq. ft.) - cell dimensions approximately 5.5" .
  • Panels cost $219 each, volume pricing is applied at checkout.
  • No minimum order, all qualities ship free in the continental USA (inquire for international delivery).
  • Every panels includes forty (40) heavy duty, extra strength zip ties - enough to connect every cell to an adjacent one.
  • Panels collapse to a fraction of their expanded size - approximately 48" x 15" x 3" weighing 24 lbs.
  • Manufactured in Houston, TX from US sourced, extruded HDPE - rated by the EPA to last 70 years underground. 10 year limited warranty.

Why Choose Lighthoof?

Lighthoof is extremely price competitive compared to other manufactured equine mud solutions available in the US.
Unlike rigid systems, Lighthoof does not require site prep or a base layer for performance. All systems require sand or gravel.

Let's evaluate 6 Lighthoof panels (432 sq ft) to other rigid plastic solutions for the same area.
For visualization this is is a 36'x12' space - or the area of three 12'x12' stalls.

Features Lighthoof Rigid Grids (1.5") Mud Control Grids
# Units 6 432 161
Total Weight of Product 144 lbs 630 lbs 2372 lbs
Product Cost (MSRP) $1,314.00 $1,490.40 $4,679.76
Freight Method & Cost UPS Ground - Included LTL Freight - Additional LTL Freight - Included
Made in USA? No
Geotextile Fabric Recommended
Aggregate Needed? Yes - approx 10 tons Yes - approx 7-30 tons Yes - approx 7 tons
Ground Prep Needed? Optional - Only to adjust grade if desired Extensive - removal of top soil, graded an sloped, gravel base of 4-12" for classic installation Yes - 2" base recommended
Walking through boot sucking mud is hard for your horse and dangerous for the handlerMud can be dangerous in paddocks and pastures - causing injuries to your horseMuddy horse blankets are a challenge to deal withVehicles can get stuck in the mudMud is hard to move through for you and your horsePaddock mud and horsesMuddy horse legs


  • Constant exposure to mud causes skin and hoof conditions including scratches and white line disease
  • Muddy paddocks can cause serious injury from lack of traction - pasture accidents can be career ending
  • Paddocks are difficult to maintain when muddy
  • Adequate manure management is impossible
  • Mud reduces the perceived value of your farm
  • Vehicle access is limited by deep mud


Our founders are life-long horse people with a boarding and training facility in the Pacific Northwest housing 40 horses.

As a product design engineer and an equine husbandry expert, they put their heads together to develop a solution that would be robust enough to withstand the rigors of decades of horse use. They knew that it had to be designed specifially for this purpose - a light-duty solution was not an option!

With over a decade in “the field” (hehe!), tens of thousands of Lighthoof panels have proven themselves as lifesavers to horses and horse owners in different climates all over the world!

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