This is your farm with no mud.

Create a Safer, Healthier, and More Beautiful Environment for Your Horses with Lighthoof Mud Management Panels

Mud-free. Forever.

Thin-walled, flexible plastic ground stabilization grid panels support and protect the footing in horse paddocks, gate areas, and pathways.

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  • Flexible Mud Management Panels

How It Works

Watch how Lighthoof’s stretchy, 6′ x 12′ panels ground stabilization grid hold gravel in place to solve mud related issues on horse farms. We've made mud management simple!
Lighthoof is the long-term, low-maintenance solution for paddocks, pastures and loafing areas.

Long-term, Low-maintenance

Lighthoof is ideal for high traffic areas.

Ideal for High Traffic Areas

Lighthoof saves you time and money in paddock management.

Save Time and Money

Lighthoof offers significant health benefits for horses.

Huge Health Benefits for Horses

Not sure if you can really “Do It Yourself?” Here’s what some of our favorite customers had to say about their experience.

Dr Sarah Jane Owens DVMI installed my Lighthoof panels in front of my new run in shelter, about 9 months ago. I am super happy with it. Overall, it was very easy for me and my young assistant to install in one day.

Dr. Sarah Jane Owens DVM
(Issaquah, WA)

John G from Orcas Island uses Lighthoof mud management panels.Installation went well, is it odd I’m looking forward to rain?

John G.
(Orcas Island, WA)

CJ Millar from New Jersey is rehabbing her horses thanks to Lighthoof.I’m rehabbing two horses right now and ensuring that their needs are attended to, and that – when allowed – they get to stretch their legs in a quiet, dry, mud-free environment has been the core focus for them. When it comes to keeping the ground firm and solid, Lighthoof panels are a must when considering turnout options for a horse in rehab.

CJ Millar
(Northern New Jersey)

Are You Ready to Get Your Horses Out of the Mud?

  • Lighthoof panels hold gravel in place for permanently mud-free paddocks.
  • Can be used in other high traffic spots, such as gates, pathways, and feed areas.
  • Simple DIY installation, or have a contractor or landscaper do it for you. We will show them how!
  • If you live in the continental US, we will ship your panels right to your farm for FREE.
Install Lighthoof and start living your mud-free life!

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