Best Ways to Fix Horse Paddock Mud
Equine mud

2023 Guide to the Best Ways to Fix Muddy Horse Paddock Areas

Mud on horse farms seems like an inevitability in the wet season, but it doesn’t have to be! You don’t have to use trial and error to figure out how to make your horse paddocks mud-free. It’s all b...

How not have a perfect Lighthoof installation

How Not to Fail at Fixing Your Paddock Mud

"Do I really have to follow ALL the instructions?" A transparent discussion of what can cause Lighthoof to fail and HOW TO AVOID IT so that you can be mud-free forever! It’s the rare call we dread ...

barn improvementSummer Barn To-Do Guide

Summer Barn To-Do Guide

If you haven't yet started in on your summer projects, now is the time to get working on them. These summer barn to-do's can make is easier to care for your barn and horses during the rest of the y...

horse healthTips for Conditioning Your Horse

Tips for Conditioning Your Horse

Conditioning a horse is a gradual process that requires a careful, deliberate approach. These tips can help you to safely and effectively get your horse fit.

equine mud managementhow to fix muddy pastures

3 Tips to Prevent Muddy Pastures

Muddy pastures can negatively impact your horses' health. These three tips can help you to prevent muddy pastures for healthier, happier horses.

barnyard mudWhat You Need to Know About Scratches

What You Need to Know About Scratches

Here's everything you know about preventing and treating scratches in horses.

barn lifehacks10 Handy Barn Hacks to Make Barn Life Easier

10 Handy Barn Hacks to Make Barn Life Easier

  Barn life is a full of challenges, but there are also some amazing barn hacks out there that can make life with horses easier. Some of these you'll discover with time, while others are such great...