Our Story

Lighthoof was created by Pacific Northwest horse owners Kelly and Dan Munro.

Kelly Munro is a lifelong equestrian and horse advocate. She has been working in and designing horse facilities for over a decade. As a rider, horse owner, trainer and farm owner, she’s researched and developed systems for caring for horses that accommodate their physical and mental needs while being convenient and pleasant to maintain.

Kelly and Dan are both certified and have received extensive education in green horsekeeping, mud management, paddock management, equine nutrition, and equine facility design. Dan is also a talented engineer with vast product design experience across multiple industries.

Having waged war on mud on their own farm and at countless boarding facilities in the area, Kelly and Dan desperately wanted to find an affordable and effective long-term way to eliminate mud on horse farms everywhere.

With extensive research, they discovered how and why well-intentioned gravel applications lost structural integrity and vanished into more mud. They went to work developing and testing different solutions for stabilizing terrain to prevent erosion and surface damage from horse hooves.

In 2012, Lightfoot Geo Solutions LLC finally released Lighthoof, their patent-pending paddock base stabilization solution, to the equine market. The flexible soil stabilization panels were adapted from a US Army Corps of Engineers invention from the 1970s that created safe, environmentally friendly access roads through difficult terrain in remote locations.

Lighthoof is designed to be safer for horses. It’s easier and cheaper to install than other plastic ground support products while providing a more permanent solution than unsupported gravel or bark. It’s our goal to get every horse in the world out of the mud once and for all!