Free Video Chat Farm Consultations

Free Video Chat Farm Consultations

Planning a new facility for your horses or trying to solve stubborn mud or maintenance problems on your own farm? 

You can now get a personal consultation with one of our farm design experts for free!

Using video chat, we do a virtual walkthrough with you on your farm or you can send us photos or drawings to review via phone.

Topics We Will Cover in Your Consultation:

  • Help you identify your best use of mud management tools
  • Identify and prevent potential issues before they happen
  • Share ideas to  improve any part of your layout that you aren’t happy with 
  • Plan your drainage and the flow of water through your horses’ areas
  • Discuss pasture management and how it influences your farm’s design
  • Answer any questions you may have about using Lighthoof on your farm

After your consultation, your farm planner will send you an email with a summary of your consultation and be available to answer any follow-up questions that you may have.

We have a limited number of weekly time slots available, so hurry here to reserve yours!


>>> Schedule your personal video chat farm consultation.


How to Prepare for Your Consultation

We are able to video chat via Google Duo so that you can show us your paddock and barn layout in realtime, or you can send us photos or videos ahead of time to review on a phone call or chat.

If you want to video chat in realtime, download Google Duo and test your connection on your farm by making a video call to someone you know, in the location you will want to do the consultation.

For more instructions on how to use Google Duo, here's a tutorial from TechRadar.

Once you've registered for your free video consultation, you will get a confirmation email with the cell phone number of one of our farm planners to add to your Google Duo contacts.

You will receive a video call request from that number at the time of your consultation. If you have any issues with the video chat, you can just call that number on your phone to switch to a regular phone call.

Ready to reserve your spot?


>>> Schedule your personal video chat farm consultation.

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