Free Workshop: 5 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Horse Property for Winter

Free Workshop: 5 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Horse Property for Winter

Monroe Co-op Farm Supply
Saturday, November 15, 11 am
18422 Cascade View Dr
(by the fairgrounds)

Winterizing your horse property is how to beat the mud and become chore efficient at the time of year when all that counts the most! Hear key tips and techniques for getting a jump on winter – setting up a winter paddock, footing options and ways to manage surface flows such as French drains, grassy swales and water bars.

Join Alayne Blickle and Horses for Clean Water at this event to make the coming winter less stressful and healthier for you, your horses, your property and the environment. Kelly Munro of Lighthoof Equine Mud Management will explain her company’s geo-cell product for stabilizing soil and footing and show how it can be used in paddocks as well as high traffic areas.

After both presentations, stay for a free 30 minute private consultation with Alayne Blickle on specifics for beating mud on YOUR horse property. Bring a Google Earth map of your property as well as up to 10 questions on anything from siting and design considerations for horse facilities (shed, barns, arenas) as well as mud, manure and pasture questions. Consultations are free and will be scheduled on a first come first serve basis. Contact Kelly at 1-800-279-4716 ext.700 or to reserve your time slot.

This event is sponsored by Lighthoof Equine Mud Management and the Monroe Co-op Farm Supply.

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