How to Measure for Lighthoof

How to Measure for Lighthoof

It’s easy to to figure out how many Lighthoof panels you need to make a mud-free area for your horse. Each Lighthoof panel expands to 6’x12’, covering 72 square feet of ground.

Don’t worry if your paddock dimensions don’t fit an exact number of whole panels. Fortunately, you can cut Lighthoof panels with a sharp pair of scissors to fit any space. 

Lighthoof panels in a paddock.For example, suppose you have a 30’x30’ paddock. That’s 5 panels wide by 2 ½ panels long. For this paddock you would buy 13 Lighthoof panels. You’d lay 12 full panels in the paddock as shown above. You’d then cut the last panel in half to fit the remaining space. You’d have 1 half-panel remaining, which you might use to make the paddock gate entrance or some other high-traffic area mud free.

An easy way to calculate the panels you need is to use graph paper. Each square in the graph paper represents a 6’x6’ area. One Lighthoof panel covers two squares. Draw your mud-free area on the graph paper and then use pencil to shade in where the Lighthoof panels will fit. Fill in as much of the paddock as possible with whole panels, making sure you try different angles. Then fill the rest of the space with partial panels.

Printable graph paper for measuring paddocks.In case you don’t have any graph paper, click here for a graph that you can print on your home or office printer.


The more whole panels you use, the simpler your installation will be and the fewer edges you have to worry about. If you find yourself filling in just a few inches of space, consider using treated landscaping lumber like a railroad tie to fill in the gap instead of a small section of Lighthoof.

The more small sections of Lighthoof you use, the more important it is that you fasten the sections together with EnviroLocks. These industrial-strength fasteners come free with your Lighthoof panels. They ensure a safe, long-lasting, and uniform installation. We recommend using your free EnviroLocks to join every seam of your Lighthoof installation for the best possible installation experience.

If you have questions about measuring, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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