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The Best #BarnLifeHack You Wish You'd Thought of Sooner

Enter Lighthoof's #BarnLifeHack contest

We’ve all been there. You walk through a friend’s barn or someone else’s boarding facility and you spot that ingenious #BarnLifeHack that is so brilliant you don’t know why you hadn’t thought of it yourself. Sometimes the best barn hacks are right under our noses, and we didn’t even know we needed them.

That’s where our #BarnLifeHack contest brings all those great ideas right to you! Keeping the stable running smoothly is already a chore, why not incorporate ideas and tips to up your stable game? If we decide you’ve got the best barn hack, we’ve got loot for you.

What’s the contest?

Do you have amazing, out-of-this-world barn organization ideas? Do you have the most impressive barn lifehacks that make your boarders go “aahhhhh!”? Did you invent a home-made contraption that keeps your feed room operating at the rate and cleanliness standard of a Costco? Does your tack room look like IKEA had a blow-out sale? We absolutely want to see your brilliant fixes! Winners will be featured in our #BarnLifeHack blog, and the top five winners will receive gift cards, and our grand prize winner will also be getting some of our awesome Lighthoof Mud-Management Panels!

Enter our #BarnLifeHack contest to win

When does it start?

Now! Entries are accepted starting at noon, today, February 1, 2017. The contest will close at 11:59PM, February 28th, 2017. That’s a whole lot of time to wow us with great photos, good descriptions and entertaining details and narratives, share and get your friends to vote for their favorite #barnlifehack.

How do I enter?

  1. Click here to enter using our contest entry form - provide a quality photo that explains what your barn hack is, and what we need to create it at our barn. 
  2. The more details the better! Tell us how to build/implement/put it together.
  3. Enter on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter using the hashtag #BarnLifeHack in your post, photo or tweet.
  4. Make sure you use your own photo, and include how to implement the idea so we can try it out ourselves!

How do I win?

The more creative, colorful, descriptive and entertaining your submission, and the more votes you get, the more likely you are to win. Get goofy, have fun telling us all about your favorite barn lifehacks and how you thought of them. Winners will be selected from the barn hacks with the top 10 most votes and announced by Lighthoof once the contest has closed.

You said something about loot?

We sure did! The person with the best barn hack will win a $50 gift card to ValleyVet and two of our innovative Lighthoof Mud Management Panels. Can’t use the panels yourself? We’ll let you donate to your barn owner or a horse rescue of your choice. The next 4 runners up will also receive a $25 gift card to ValleyVet. The top 10 entries will be featured in a Lighthoof blog showcasing all those totally smart barn organization ideas and barn lifehacks and who submitted them.

What about the dirty details?

You must be 18+ to enter, only 1 entry per person. While we realize not everyone owns their own property, we encourage you to submit your own original photos and content. Winners will be announced on March 3rd by noon, and winning contestants will be emailed with further instructions to claim their prizes. First place winner will advise where they would like their 2 Lighthoof Panels to go.  Contestants acknowledge that photos and descriptions will be used for additional content in a featured Ligthoof Blog spotlighting the best #BarnLifeHacks and winners will be credited.

Ok, are you ready? Get set. Go! Let’s get those barn hacks rollin!

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