Top Rated Winter Turnout Blankets

In the wake of Black Friday and to get prepped for Cyber Monday, we did a little research on the top rated winter turnout blankets on the market this year. So, if it's time to retire some of your older turnout blankets (PRO TIP: keep them as backups while your good turnout blankets are at the cleaners or donate them to your local rescue) check out these options as reviewed by horse owners like you! Note: These are the top mid to heavy weight turnout blankets; light turnout blankets, mid-season blankets, and rain sheets are not included.

Top Rated Mid Weight and Heavy Weight Turnout Blankets

Weatherbeeta Orican Freestyle Turnout Blanket - $214.99

Weatherbeeta Orican Freestyle Turnout Blanket

Weatherbeeta turnout blankets fit a lot of different horses really well. The generous tail flaps that are hallmark to the Freestyle turnout blankets by Weatherbeeta are great for keeping your horse clean and dry might be part of the reason these turnout blankets seem to stay in place so well. They come in a wide range of different neck cuts, with or without the Detach-a-Neck, and pony as well as horse sizes up into the 80s. This turnout blanket is full of high-tech features such as the neck closure (no pesky velcro to fill up with horse hair), wither relief pads, super adjustable detachable leg straps, chest padding, and great gussets. has a good selection of Weatherbeeta Oricans.
SmartPak has their own Sapphire Plaid version of the Orican.

Rambo® Wug Turnout Blanket- $328.95

Rambo Wug Turnout Blanket in Purple

Want a turnout blanket with no leg straps? This is the one! High cut leg arches give freedom of movement and allow for more of a drop in the belly area where triple belly surcingles wrap the blanket around the horse's belly. Add that to the high neck line and extremely high tech lining material and insulation and this makes for a very warm and protective turnout blanket. To keep it in place there's a traditional tail strap and an extra elastic in the lining of the tail flap. Although this is a pricier turnout blanket, it really is like having your horse in a cozy barn. Also, there is the cheaper Rhino® Wug ($214.95) if you want the same fit at a lower price.

Rambo® Wug on SmarkPak.
Rhino® Wug on SmartPak.

Pessoa® Alpine Turnout Blanket - $169.99

Pessoa Alpine Turnout Blanket

Why to buy? Durability and style. Reviewers unanimously agreed that this turnout blanket held up well to destructive horses and multiple washes with very little re-proofing needed. Another popular feature was the color and style, awesome plaids and lovely jewel tones! This turnout blanket has a fairly high cut neckline and easy open snaps on the front for horses that don't like to have the blanket pulled off over their heads. It's also a great price for a mid-weight turnout.

The Pessoa Alpine at

Baker® Turnout Blanket - $219.99

Baker Turnout Blanket

This attractive, traditional looking turnout blanket is most loved by people with tall or lanky horses. It's got generous insulation and a durable 1200D rip-stop nylon waterproof outer shell in Baker's iconic plaid. Although it was highly rated for warmth, especially on older or thinly coated horses, there were many complaints that the inner liner did not hold up well over time. Many thoroughbred owners agreed that the fit was excellent, with plenty of room through the shoulders, and the outer shell help up well to "blanket shredders."

Baker Turnout on

Do you have a favorite turnout blanket or tips/opinions on any of these top mid-weight turnout blankets?

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