Turn Old Horse Halters into Plant Hangers

Turn Old Horse Halters into Plant Hangers

If you have an extra halter or two just taking up space in your tack room, here's an idea for putting it to good use:

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Use it as a potted plant hanger!  Beautify your barn, enhance your tack room or viewing lounge, or hang them outside around the farm. And who says you can't have horse halters in your house? A nice leather halter looks lovely in the den or on the porch.

The best part is, there's no work to do! Just choose a bucket or planter that fits into the noseband of the halter but doesn't slip all the way through. The planter should be wider at the top than at the bottom, and should slide through the noseband so that at least 3/4 of the planter sinks below the band.

You can even make a plant hanger out of an old bridle or caveson! Be careful when using a leather bridle or halter. Hang it inside or under a roof to keep it dry. Wet leather stretches, and if you leave a leather hanger out in the rain, the leather can expand and the planter can slip through!

A halter flower hanger is a lovely way to memorialize a horse who has passed away. Have a halter that your horse won in a competition? How about a halter with a brass nameplate? You can honor your lost friend with living, growing flowers.

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