Workshop & Farm Tour: Perfect Winter Paddocks

Workshop & Farm Tour: Perfect Winter Paddocks
Sunday, September 28, 1 – 4 pm

Set Up the Perfect Mud-Free Winter Paddock

Join Horses for Clean Water and the King Conservation District at this special event to learn more about options for creating mud-free confinement areas for horses. This event will be held at Creekside Farm, LLC, a private 5 acre dressage property with the ability to board 10 horses, each in individual mudless paddocks.

The first part of this event will be an on-site workshop designed to explore ways to manage mud, deal with drainage and choose the right footing for your winter confinement areas. Alayne Blickle will be a presenter along with guest speaker Kelly Munro of Lighthoof Equine Mud Management who will explain her company’s geo-cell product. Lighthoof works particularly well for stabilizing soil and footing on sloped paddocks – such as at Creekside Farm.

After the workshop we tour the horse property on site to see the Lighthoof panels in place, as well as other aspects of their mud-free paddocks and horse keeping practices.

FREE! Register and receive directions for all KCD events at 425-282-1949 or

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