Owens Equine Vet

Owens Equine Vet

"I installed three Lighthoof panels in front of my new run in shelter, about 9 months ago. My two mares have 3/4 acre to run around in, but have spent 95% of their time on the gravel pad. This means that 95% of the manure and urine end up on the Lighthoof as well, yet there are no smelly or wet areas. It is very easy to clean the surface of the crushed rock. Two dump trucks full was overkill for three panels, I would say one dump truck and a pick up load or two would have been plenty. Overall, it was very easy for me and my young assistant to install in one day."  -Dr. Sarah Jane Owens DVM

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Dr. Owens has treated animals all over the globe and is also a 3-day Eventer residing in Issaquah, WA with her horses. Learn more about her practice and her exciting life at www.owensequine.com


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