30 Days of Photos Challenge - Helping Equine Charities

Donate Lighthoof panels at no cost to you!

We know that times are tight. Donations are down across the board for equine rescues and other charitable organizations. In an effort to help, Lighthoof has created the 30 Days of Lighthoof challenge. For all our customers - post one photo each day of your Lighthoof in use to your social media accounts - consecutively for 30 days - and we will donate a panel on your behalf to one of 3 charities that have requested assistance. You get to choose which one you'd like to support!


(It's Super Easy - We Promise)

1) Let us know that you’re starting the 30 day challenge by emailing us - mud@lighthoof.com

2) Take a photo of your Lighthoof in use for 30 days straight and post to social media. Clue us in so we can follow along by tagging #30DaysofLighthoof.

3) After completing the challenge, email us (mud@lighthoof.com) a link to your 30 photos via your preferred file sharing platform (Google Drive/Photos, Dropbox, etc) or your social media account (Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok) and select from the 3 charities below to receive a FREE Lighthoof panel.

Not on social media? That's OK! Email us each day (mud@lighthoof.com) and we will post for you on our Lighthoof Facebook and/or Instagram pages!

Want to make an even bigger difference? After you successfully complete your first 30 days, you can extend the challenge to 60 or 90 days to earn additional panes!


Two Wild Hearts Sanctuary - "Working hard to Provide Soft Landings".  Two Wild Hearts Sanctuary has a mission to help every at-risk equine we can through rescue or private surrender. We provide medical and emotional rehabilitation as well as any training needed. Our goal is to find each and every horse a new, loving home through our adoption process. The Sanctuary has a diverse team of equine professionals and volunteers run by a board of directors, who work endlessly to impact the lives of every horse that comes through our welcoming doors. We know we can't save every horse, but for the fortunate few that we can, their lives are completely changed. We believe that every horse, no matter it's past or future, deserves respect, kindness and love. Let's help Miss Kelly get out of the mud! 


Serenity Farm Virginia - "A Sanctuary Where People Heal Animals and Animals Heal People". Supported by generous donations and operated by a dedicated team of unpaid volunteers, our mission encompasses the following: Compassionate Animal Care - we offer empathetic care to animals, including hospice services at the end of their lives. Peaceful Haven for Healing - providing a tranquil sanctuary for visitors seeking solace and healing. Education for Stewardship - prioritizing education, emphasizing stewardship and coexistence with nature. Wonder and Belonging to Nature - our mission extends to promoting a sense of wonder and belonging to nature. By creating an environment that encourages curiosity and appreciation for the world around us, we strive to inspire a deep connection between people and the natural realm. 


Kellogg Equine Rehab and Sanctuary - "Helping to Bring Back Dignity to Blind, Elderly and Neglected Horses". As our customers know, one of the benefits of Lighthoof is safe and secure footing. As flight animals, horses need sure footing - and for blind horses that is x10. Romeo and Beauty are in need of Lighthoof for their paddock space to give them the comfort they deserve! 


  • What am I supposed to take a picture of...Lighthoof is below the surface? Great question! You are welcome to take pictures that include any portion of your Lighthoof installation. Many people like to show off the mud that is in the non-Lighthoof section in the same image, or include a photo of their horses loving life being mud free. They don't need to be staged, or professional at all. Just you living your best barn life - and while we love to see your ponies, that is optional as well! In the header we have included just a fraction of the images we have received over the years featuring people loving being mud free...forever!
  • I forgot to take a photo during my 30 day challenge. Will you still accept my submission? We will allow two “missed” photos within the 30 day challenge. Simply continue the challenge for the balance of the missed days, then submit your 30 photos to us. If you miss more than two days, please reach out to us for additional options.
  • I've finished my 30 days - what is the next step? Please double check that you have at least 30 photos, then email mud@lighthoof.com and include the link to your photos (this step is mandatory). Include the charity from the list above to which you would like a donation made.  Once we verify your photos we will set aside a panel to be donated in your name (please let us know if you would like to remain anonymous.
  • When will panels be sent? We will consolidate panel shipments to each organization. We will ship at minimum every 45 days - but will ship UPS in bundles of 2 to maximize our ability to donate more panels.
  • I run a 501c3 organization and want free panels too - how do I sign up? We will be occasionally adding/swapping the charities that are selectable by our participants. For the first round we opened it up to suggestions from our customers and Facebook followers to nominate their favorite. Please feel free to email us with your request for consideration in the next round and post on your Facebook page, tagging us, so that we can see that your followers are interested in you receiving free panels too!