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7 Ways to Show Your Horse You Love Him

7 Ways to Show Your Horse You Love Him

Are you sharing this day of love with a special four-legged someone? Your horse is naturally your one true love, so now’s the perfect time to do something extra-special for him. We’ve come up with some great ideas to remind your horse of how much he means to you.

7 Ways to Show Your Horse Some Love

Even if you don’t get to see your horse today, there are many ways you can show him how much you love him the next time you see him.

Treat Your Horse to a Spa Day

Pamper your horse with an equine spa day. Make sure you have plenty of time, then head to the barn and give your horse a relaxed, thorough grooming session. Spend extra time on the parts that your horse loves the most, whether that’s a currying session to reach all of those itchy spots or extra focus on brushing out his mane.

Take the time to do all of those grooming tasks that you don’t always have time for. Touch up your horse’s clip job and use the vacuum on his coat to get him extra-clean. If you don’t have a vacuum, consider hot toweling him, instead. Condition his mane and tail, paint his hooves, rub in some liniment, and make sure he looks and feels great when you’re done.

Splurge for an Equine Massage

Schedule a session with an equine massage therapist to help keep your horse feeling his best. During the session, the therapist may help to relieve tension in areas of your horse’s body so he feels more relaxed and is better able to do his job under saddle.  

Ask the equine massage therapist to show you some basic strokes so you can give your horse mini massages in between his full-fledged sessions.

Give Your Horse Extra Grazing Time

Depending on where you live, this tip might not work for right now, but when there’s grass, ensure your horse has some extra grazing time. Consider taking him out to graze in hand so you can spend some extra time with him. This can be a great bonding experience and also gives you some quiet time to de-stress.

Change Up Your Rides

Your daily riding routine can get boring for your horse, especially when you’re stuck schooling in an indoor during the winter. Change things up a little bit to keep both of you refreshed and engaged.

If you can, change your riding location by going out on a trail ride. If that’s not possible, switch up your ring with trot poles, cones, and other obstacles to keep your ride varied. These new elements can help to get both you and your horse interested and focused on riding again.

Invest in Lighthoof Panels

With springtime mud right around the corner, now is the time to invest in Lighthoof panels. These panels help to keep your horse up and out of the mud, and they can make his run usable and the gate area of his paddock accessible. Your horse will appreciate not having to trudge through mud, and you’ll appreciate that you aren’t losing your boots in the muck when you’re turning him in or out.

Get Some Extra-Special Treats

Food is always the way to a horse’s heart, so don’t forget some special treats. Stock up on your horse’s favorites and let him indulge. You might also try making your own treats at home, so you can add in your horse’s favorite ingredients.

There are many ways to show your horse that you love him. What are some of your favorite ways to make sure your horse feels the love?

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