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5 Top Renovation Projects to Plan for Your Horse Barn This Spring

5 Top Renovation Projects to Plan for Your Horse Barn This Spring

Believe it or not, it’s time to think spring – at least when it comes to your barn renovation projects. Making some improvements in and around your barn can make your work easier this year, and can even make your horses healthier, too. If you need some help, consider the following barn renovation ideas to get started.

5 Great Barn Renovation Projects for Spring

If you’re planning your barn renovation projects, make sure these items are on your list for spring.

Add More Exterior Lighting

Spring is a great time to add more exterior lighting to your barn and property. Take some time to observe your property at night to identify locations that would benefit from some extra light. Remember that lights can help to discourage intruders and may help prevent robberies, so adding floodlights and automatic outdoor lights could be an investment in the safety of your horses and property.

While you’re at it, this might be a good time to add lighting within your barn for those stalls that are always a little too dark. If you have a place in the barn aisle or a grooming stall where your vet and farrier regularly work, consider adding some more lights in those spaces – your vet and farrier are sure to appreciate them.

Create More Paddocks

If you have the room to create more paddocks, adding on additional turnout space can let you practice rotational grazing. Consider creating a sacrifice paddock that you use for turnout while the grass is coming in during the spring. By keeping your horses off of the new grass until it’s established, and by rotating paddock usage throughout the year, you can manage your pastures to be able to support your horses grazing throughout the whole year.

Upgrade Your Paddock Fencing

While you’re working on your paddocks, look for areas that could use a fencing upgrade. Taking the time to repair and replace fencing in the spring can make it easier to handle this chore than when things are busy during the summer. If you can plan out your fencing project, you can shop around for the best fencing prices and can carefully research the type of fencing best for your facility.

Install Lighthoof Panels

As snow melts and spring rains begin, you may be facing a mud problem around your barn and in your paddocks. Installing Lighthoof panels can help. These panels act as a barrier between your horse and the mud, keeping your paddocks accessible and safer for your horses.

Installing Lighthoof panels in your horse’s runout, by paddock gates, and in other problem areas can make your farm much more enjoyable for both humans and horses, especially during mud season.

Invest in Automatic Waterers

Spring is also the perfect time to invest in and install automatic waterers. An automatic waterer can cut down your chore time and ensure that your horses always have access to fresh, clean water. You’ll feel these effects during the summer when your horses drink more, as well as in the winter when you don’t have to worry about running trough heaters and breaking open frozen buckets.

Getting Ready for Spring

Spring will be here soon, and having your barn renovation projects planned out will let you get started on the work more quickly. If you decide which projects you want to tackle, you can order any supplies ahead of time so that you’re ready to go to work once the good weather arrives.

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