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8 Reasons Why You’ll Be Thankful for Lighthoof

Installing Lighthoof to fix muddy horse paddocks

During this season of giving thanks, you’re probably grateful for all that you have, including your farm and your amazing horses. But if you’ve installed Lighthoof panels around your farm, you have an extra reason to be thankful this season.

Top Reasons to Be Thankful for Lighthoof

Whether you’ve just installed Lighthoof panels for the first time or have added yet more panels onto your property, here are the top reasons why you’ll be thankful for your Lighthoof panels this winter.

Easier Access to Paddocks

Are you tired of the tip-toe dance you do out to your paddocks, trying to find the least-muddy areas by the gates so that you don’t sink? Are you frustrated by having to wait for the mud to dry out before you can get your tractor or truck out into your fields?

Then you’ll be thankful for the mud-free easy paddock access that Lighthoof provides. With your panels installed, you’ll be able to navigate those previously muddy areas in all weather, whether you’re leading a horse or driving a vehicle.

Long-Term Money Savings

In the long term, Lighthoof saves you money. Buying and adding in more and more gravel to muddy areas each year adds up, plus you're putting in the labor again and again. Lighthoof is a long-term solution to your mud problem, and you don't have to constantly layer on more gravel.

Less Mud to Clean

Wiping sticky mud off your horse’s legs before a ride gets old, and currying away dried mud is a time-consuming chore. That’s not even mentioning the work it takes to clean mud off of your own boots. Your new panels will mean there’s less mud to clean up, so you’ll save time and stay cleaner, too.

Fewer Lost Boots and Horseshoes

Boot-sucking mud makes trouble for both you and your horses. Having to worry about losing your boot in the mud makes doing chores almost impossible, and mud is incredibly good at sucking horseshoes right off of your horse’s hooves.

With Lighthoof, you can solve this boot-sucking mud issue. That means fewer lost boots for you and less time spent trying to track down lost horseshoes and fewer calls to your farrier. Have we mentioned that your farrier will be thankful for Lighthoof, too?

Healthier Hooves and Skin

Frequently walking through mud, particularly clay-based mud, is hard on your horse’s hooves. As mud dries, it can draw moisture out from your horse’s hoof wall. The result is often brittle hooves that chip up. You may also be dealing with hoof cracks.

Mud also takes a toll on your horse’s skin. It can lead to chapped skin and can contribute to the development of scratches.

With less mud, your horse can enjoy healthier hooves and skin, and you’ll spend less time treating issues like scratches.

Reduced Risk of Injuries

Mud is bad for your horse’s hoof and skin health, but it can also jeopardize his soundness. Traveling through deep mud can potentially result in tendon and ligament strains, and if your horse slips or falls, you could be facing more significant injuries, including soft tissue tears and damage. If you’re trying to rehab a horse who already has a lower limb injury, putting him into a paddock with areas of deep mud can potentially set back his healing.

And when mud freezes, the problems compound. Frozen mud peaks can lead to soundness issues, including strains, hoof bruises, and abscesses.

With Lighthoof, you can minimize the chance of your horse being injured while he’s out in his paddock. You’re eliminating a horse health risk factor and creating an environment that’s safer for your horse.

Happier Boarders

Mud issues can jeopardize horse health and soundness, and they make trekking out to the paddock to bring horses in unpleasant. For all of those reasons, chronic mud problems can make it difficult to keep your boarders happy.

When you take action to solve those mud problems by installing Lighthoof, you’re not the only one who enjoys the benefits – your boarders will, too. Putting in Lighthoof panels can demonstrate to your boarders that you’re dedicated to maintaining and improving your property, keeping it safe for their horses and encouraging them to stay with you long-term.

A More Beautiful Property

Sometimes you just get tired of looking at muddy paddocks. They’re ugly, inconvenient, and detract from the beauty of your farm. Lighthoof panels make a much more attractive appearance so you can enjoy looking out on your property from your home.

Be Thankful This Season

If you’ve already installed Lighthoof panels on your property this year, you’ll have plenty of reasons to be thankful, even when it rains or snows. And if you haven’t yet installed Lighthoof, now is the time to do it. They can make navigating tough weather on your farm easier, save you time on your daily chores, and help to keep your horses healthier and safer, too. What’s not to be grateful for?

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