How to Make the Gravel in Your Horse Paddock Last Longer

How to Make the Gravel in Your Horse Paddock Last Longer

Hi folks! Tycho here with a new tip for mud-free living!

As a little horse on a budget, I know that gravel isn't cheap! And it takes work to install gravel in a horse paddock. You can reduce your maintenance costs by mucking the paddock more often.

Organic matter in your paddock, such as manure and hay, turns to mud over time. It mixes in with your gravel, gets churned up, and makes a sloppy paddock. If you clean the manure and hay from your paddock every day or every other day, it won't break down and turn your paddock footing into sludge! That's why I make sure my humans keep my paddock squeaky clean.

Did you also know that Lighthoof mud management panels extend the life of your gravel investment exponentially? The gravel gets compacted into the Lighthoof cells and doesn't mix with the soil below, so one load of gravel lasts for many, many years!

Happy trails to you.


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