Install Lighthoof while the sun shines!

Install Lighthoof while the sun shines!

You can stop this winter’s mud before it happens. Install Lighthoof equine mud management panels while the sun is shining and the ground is dry! It couldn’t be a more perfect time to get ahead of the mud!

Deep mud shows up in the same places year after year:

  • In paddock and field entrances and around gates
  • On pathways
  • Around water troughs and feeding areas
  • Along fence lines

You know exactly what’s coming this winter and spring. You know just where the mud will be. So beat it! Never slog through mud again to fetch or feed your horse. Make this your first wet season without mud fever or thrush. Put on your shades and your big floppy hat and install some Lighthoof while the sun shines!

Make this the year you get ahead of the mud!

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