Meet the New Lighthoof

Meet the New Lighthoof

Our Mud-Free Paddock Solution Just Got Even Better!

Lighthoof Envirolocks to easily connect panels.We have great news for horses and horse lovers too! Lighthoof equine mud management panels just got even better! We’ve developed a way to make installation easier and ensure a perfect fit: use our EnviroLocks to attach the panels to one another.

EnviroLocks are like zip ties that are made from the same super-strong, flexible plastic as Lighthoof. They connect two Lighthoof panels together for an even, secure fit, guaranteeing no gaps! And they fasten tight enough that you can stretch an attached panel without staking it. That saves you work.

Use Lighthoof's EnviroLocks to connect panels together quickly and easily!

Every Lighthoof panel now comes with 40 EnviroLock fasteners… FREE!

If you’re laying multiple panels, streamline and simplify your installation by fastening them together using the EnviroLock ties provided for free with every Lighthoof panel. The ties wrap around the edge cells of the two panels where they meet. Tuck the excess tie material into the cells or cut it with scissors.

When developing the EnviroLock solution for Lighthoof, we wanted a way to make adjacent panels easily join up over a variety of surfaces and terrain with the same strength that our industrial welds provide to our panel cells. That’s why we worked with our plastic supplier to create a panel lock that was as quick and easy to apply as a zip tie, but with superior strength and a smooth finish.

We Now Include 40 FREE EnviroLock Fasteners with Every Single Lighthoof Panel Sold

Our daily motivation is to make the complicated business of dealing with weather conditions in horses’ outdoor living spaces easier and eliminate the trial and error process that most farm owners have to go through to keep their horses out of the mud.

It’s important to us that every paddock installation goes perfectly to give horses a safe and healthy environment. EnviroLocks ensure a mud-free paddock with no gaps, an even layer of protection.

Now when you place your order, every Lighthoof panel comes with 40 EnviroLock fasteners… FREE!

Shipped Directly to Your Farm for FREE

Lighthoof ships free within the continental United States.And as if that wasn’t exciting enough… Lighthoof mud management panels now SHIP for FREE anywhere in the Continental US. Don’t let high delivery costs keep you from providing your horses a safe, dry, and healthy environment.

That’s right. Free shipping on all Lighthoof panels.

We manufacture Lighthoof right here in the US in the great plastics manufacturing city of Houston, TX. Panels are then warehoused and can ship out on the same day they are ordered. Most orders reach their destination in 4 business days.

Being able to provide free shipping was an exciting move for us because, for many customers, shipping costs were their greatest concern and a barrier to achieving our big dreams of getting every single horse out of the mud once and for all. No horse should stand in mud all day because of high shipping costs. Providing free shipping is our way of reaching more horse farms across the U.S.A.

New to Lighthoof?

See how Lighthoof’s stretchy plastic panels hold gravel in place to solve mud problems on horse farms.

And remember, we’re here to answer your questions. Everyone on the Lighthoof team has experience planning mud management and installing Lighthoof. We pretty much have mud prevention down to a science… and we’d love to share our knowledge with you. Contact a mud management specialist!

Not sure if you can really “Do It Yourself?” Here’s what some of our favorite customers had to say about their experience.

Dr Sarah Jane Owens DVMI installed my Lighthoof panels in front of my new run in shelter, about 9 months ago. I am super happy with it. Overall, it was very easy for me and my young assistant to install in one day.

Dr. Sarah Jane Owens DVM
(Issaquah, WA)

John G from Orcas Island uses Lighthoof mud management panels.Installation went well, is it odd I’m looking forward to rain?

John G.
(Orcas Island, WA)

CJ Millar from New Jersey is rehabbing her horses thanks to Lighthoof.I’m rehabbing two horses right now and ensuring that their needs are attended to, and that – when allowed – they get to stretch their legs in a quiet, dry, mud-free environment has been the core focus for them. When it comes to keeping the ground firm and solid, Lighthoof panels are a must when considering turnout options for a horse in rehab.

CJ Millar
(Northern New Jersey)

Are You Ready to Get Your Horses Out of the Mud?

  • Lighthoof panels hold gravel in place for permanently mud-free paddocks.
  • Can be used in other high traffic spots, such as gate areas, pathways, arena entrances, feed areas.
  • Simple DIY Installation, or have a contractor or landscaper do it for you. We will show them how!
  • Get 40 free EnviroLock fasteners with each Lighthoof panel.
  • If you live in the continental US, we will ship your panels right to your farm for FREE.
Install Lighthoof and start living your mud-free life!

Order Lighthoof Panels Now!

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