Honoring Horses on Veterans Day

Honoring Horses on Veterans Day

The United States Cavalry has shaped our nation's past and its present. Its controversial history is rich with both victories and tragedies. But there are thousands of heroes of the U.S. Cavalry who served bravely and without question: the horses.

U.S. Cavalry horses faithfully served our causes.

Today, when we are honoring both active and past service men and women, let's also remember the equines who gave their strong hearts and swift legs to our nation. Beginning in 1776, horses were trained here in the USA for battle, transporting supplies, and carrying the wounded to hospitals.

Horses and mules shaped American history in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, the Spanish American War, and both world wars.

US Cavalry mounts lined up for training.

So on this day when we are honoring the humans who served, let's take a moment to thank the equine soldiers who have contributed to our nation.

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