Cosmo Gets New Horse Paddock Footing

Cosmo Gets New Horse Paddock Footing

New paddock footing for Cosmo!
New Horse Paddock Footing for Cosmo

Tired of having his hooves in the mud, my brother Cosmo has been begging for his own Lighthoof footing in his paddock. He's been pretty jealous of the other horses and so was thrilled to get his own mud-free horse paddock footing! (Okay, I realize this blog entry isn't really a TIP. I'm just kind of excited about the news!)

Lighthoof's equine mud management panels are easy to install.
Lighthoof Equine Mud Management Panel

Cosmo has tiny Paint Horse feet with contracted heels, and he's prone to thrush and bacterial infections in the little crevices in his hooves. He's been spending his non-grazing time in a paddock with a hard plastic grid solution. It's only a year old but it already has corner pieces of the grid sticking up here and there.

Generic, hard plastic footing grid systems often present problems shortly after installation.
Hard Plastic Grid in Cosmo's Old Horse Paddock

So finally our human moved him into a Lighthoof paddock! He happily walks around on the gravel footing, keeping his hooves dry and clean without risk of tripping on dangerous edges. The paddock next door to Cosmo does a great job of showing the difference between the horse paddock footing in a Lighthoof area (left of the railroad ties) and the horse paddock footing without any Lighthoof.

Horse paddock footing comparison showing the difference between a Lighthoof paddock and a non-Lighthoof (and muddy) paddock.
Horse Paddock Footing Comparison

Cosmo's paddock still has lots of grass and clover in the non-Lighthoof area. So now it's MY turn to be jealous. He's already built like a tank. Why feed him more when there's a skinny little racehorse who needs nourishment?? Life is sometimes unfair.

See ya! Love,

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