Sofie's Big Day!

Sofie's Big Day!

Sofia had such an exciting day today! The vet gave her the thumbs up -- she is completely free of infection! Yayyy!! So she finally came out of quarantine. She was excited to walk around the farm and see all the other horses. Some things were a little scary to her at first like the electric fence box and a stack of new construction materials :) but she walked by them bravely.

She also has a new neighbor, now that she's not contagious. His name is Cosmo and he's a member of the Lighthoof family too. She fell in love instantly. This was the look on her face when she saw him!!

Sofia the rescue mare is very happy to be leaving quarantine.
Sofia gets her first glimpse of handsome Cosmo

She was really wishing she'd taken a bath before she met him. First impressions can be lasting. But she DID get to try out the wash rack for the first time. We only hosed her legs this time. She thought it was pretty spooky but she was pretty accepting of the whole thing.

Sofia is just a pretty easy girl. She does have her objections to scary new stuff, but she never puts up much of a fight. She always seems to just sort of sigh and decide to let us have our way. We're just so happy that she is healthy!!!

Stay tuned for more Sofia updates!

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