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Kiwi Latches Make Horse Farm Life a Little Easier

Instead of wishing for extra hands when you're doing your horse farm chores, make a simple change: switch your snap latches and other gate closures to kiwi latches!

Kiwi Latches are so easy to use, you need only one hand, and they're highly secure!

Kiwi latches are easy to operate one-handed, even with one gloved hand. To open a kiwi latch you just pinch the loop and lift. To close it just slide it in the hole and let gravity do all the work.

Kiwi latches are fast -- not as tricky to aim as other types of latches. You only need to work the hardware when you open the gate. When closing the gate the hardware works automatically.

Another advantage of the kiwi latch is that horses can't open them. You no longer have to choose between easy-open gates and keeping your horse secure.

When you're carrying a bucket or tools or you're leading a horse, a speedy, one-handed gate latch makes life just a bit simpler. Find them at your local hardware store. You'll be happy that you did.

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