How to Make a Rolling Spot in Your Horse's Paddock

How to Make a Rolling Spot in Your Horse's Paddock

If your paddocks are mud-free, you can easily create a special rolling spot for your horses using sand.

Oh my GORSH! Nothing feels better than a scritchy, soft roll! I like to flop over a few times, really dig my face into the sand, and grind my withers and back, oooh!

I'm lucky enough to have a Lighthoof paddock, so there's no mud to roll in. Instead, my human made me a special rolling spot! The magical secret is SAND.

Using sand, you can create a special rolling area in mud-free paddocks.

After installing Lighthoof and a good layer of top gravel, she poured sand into one area of my paddock. She chose a spot a good distance from the fence. That way my legs don't get tangled up when I'm flailing around madly!!

My rolling patch is the greatest gift my human has ever given me... except maybe yesterday's carrot... or the apple the day before... or currying that itchy spot between my forelegs... mmmmm... Okay I have some begging to do!


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