Miller Farm Sporthorses Uses Lighthoof Panels on Sloping Paddock

Here’s a great use of Lighthoof panels on a sloping ramp from the stalls into the turnout area!

Miller Farm Sporthorses is a new establishment in Ridgefield, WA that was purchased by Carrie Miller and her husband for the purpose of boarding eventing horses and breeding Welsh cross sporthorses.

Miller Farm paddock run before installing Lighthoof mud management panels.

The farm had a barn which the Miller’s renovated and some paddock areas off the stalls that the previous owner had used to keep sheep - without removing the manure!

Renovating the barn into safe and usable horse stalls and upgrading the fencing was quite a project and the Miller’s did a fantastic job! Their next step was to deal with the mucky paddock areas which had a steep slope down into the grass turnout areas.

Carrie knew that she couldn’t use one of the hard tile products as a paddock base because the slope of the hill and the unevenness of the mud below would cause the hard tiles to separate from each other leaving sharp edges that could catch on a hoof and create problems.

Miller Farm paddock after installing Lighthoof mud management panels.

Having done her research, Carrie decided on Lighthoof panels because they were flexible enough to handle her sloping paddocks and powerful enough to combat the deep mud situation left to her by the sheep farmer.

The Millers were able to install the Lighthoof panels by themselves and cut them with scissors to fit their area. Carrie gave the overage to a friend who used it to fix a clay spot that was seeping up through her outdoor arena and wrecking the footing in that area.

Using Lighthoof panels was a great solution for the deep mud and sloping ramp in these paddocks and the renovations performed by the Miller’s turned their new place into a beautiful, health and horse friendly farm!

We finished our Lighthoof installation and it looks beautiful!

Carrie Miller of Miller Farm uses Lighthoof mud management panels.

I was able to install by myself, I did it over existing ankle deep mud and my sloping ramp has held all the gravel in place for three months now.

I am very impressed that even the gravel above the panels is staying in place. Also my horses love it so much they don't leave it!

Carrie Miller
Owner, Miller Farm Sporthorses

Great work Carrie and thanks for writing to share your experience with us!

Find out more about using Lighthoof panels for your project by downloading a planning kit here.

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