Military Technology Used to Eliminate Mud at Equestrian Facilities

Monroe, WA (March 2012) – A new mud control and arena base solution adapts an invention by the US Army Corps of Engineers to solve a difficult problem for horse and farm owners. Lightfoot Panels by Lightfoot Equine surfaces make revolutionary use of cellular confinement technology to repair and prevent mud in high traffic horse areas at equestrian facilities of all sizes.

The product, made in the USA from flexible strips of High Density Polyethylene, resembles a honeycomb when expanded and works by limiting the horizontal movement of the footing. This prevents wet or unstable ground from being churned into mud by the horses’ hooves and creates a solid surface to stand on.

Founder and president of Lightfoot Equine Surfaces, Kelly Munro, says “The Lightfoot paddock base is a unique solution because it's not trying to support the horse by itself, it simply helps the footing to support the horse.” The flexible and expandable product is able to be lighter and lower impact than a rigid paddock base, as well as being convenient to install on uneven ground and easy to ship and store.

It’s also unique in that it conforms to any surface and therefore requires minimal sub-base prep. In some cases, it can even be installed over existing mud. Lightfoot Panels can immediately remedy an existing mud situation without having to wait for the area to dry out to be worked on. Once filled and compacted, the cells keep the footing – usually gravel or sand – in place and properly drained.

Lightfoot Equine Surfaces sells three heights of Lightfoot Panels for different situations and levels of use ranging in price from $1.25 per square foot to $2.25 per square foot depending on cell size. It is used in paddocks, dry-lots, stalls, gate areas and trails.


Company Name: Lightfoot Equine Surfaces
Product: Lightfoot paddock base panels
Presenting: An innovative and affordable solution for mud issues on horse farms and equestrian facilities.
Ordering Instructions: Visit the to get in touch with a customer service representative who will help select the appropriate solution for any situation.

Contact: Kelly Munro, 800-279-4716 ext 700,

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