FREE Hands-On Lightfoot Paddock Base DIY Installation Workshop | October 26th, 2013 in Snohomish, WA

Lighthoof equine mud management panels being installed.Learn How You Can Be Mud-Free This Winter by Installing a Permanent Paddock Base in this FREE Hands-On Workshop.

When: Saturday, October 26th  | 10am - 3pm(ish)
Where: Liberty Bell Farm - Snohomish, WA (directions provided upon registration)
Cost: Free! Snacks and warm drinks provided!
What to Bring: Warm, dry clothes, that can get dirty. Work gloves.

In this hands-on workshop, you will experience a Lightfoot installation from start to finish. This innovative, patent pending mud-management solution provides a solid, non-slip, permeable base for paddock footing that prevents mud and erosion in horse areas long term.

What is the Lightfoot Paddock Base Solution?

Do you spend your winters and springs dreaming of a completely mud-free farm? Now you can eliminate your mud problems permanently with an affordable and revolutionary new product that will significantly improve living and working conditions for both horses and humans.

Lightfoot’s patent pending base material for equestrian areas quickly and effectively solves one of the most challenging issues that most horses and farm owners experience for more than 7 months out of the year - mud in paddocks, pathways and gate areas.

Our easy-to-install panels are an instant and long lasting cure for moderate to extreme mud situations. The innovative design prevents mud and erosion caused by hoof traffic and wet weather. It’s suitable for every farm, from high-end professional facilities to the modest home ranch.

Due to its unique flexibility, Lightfoot is by far the easiest paddock base material to install and conforms to uneven or oddly shaped areas and sub-base grades. This allows you to work with existing terrain or to crown or slope areas for better drainage, reducing the time and money spent on sub-grade preparation. Although the flexible panels are lightweight and easy to cut on-site, Lightfoot is strong enough to hold up to tractor and equipment use as well as regular equine wear and tear.

How It Works

Due to their weight and the shape of their hooves, horses exert unique force on the areas in which they are confined. An un-reinforced base is prone to deep mud, even with gravel or sand footing. The plunger effect of horse hooves on wet ground punches the footing into the base and churns it into unstable, wet ground that can cause injury or infection from mud-born bacteria.

Lightfoot’s flexible High Density Polyethylene panels confine the gravel footing material in a series of 3” deep interconnecting cells. This limits the displacement of footing material from the downward action of the hooves and holds the footing material in place against erosive forces such as heavy rainfall or runoff from other areas.

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