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Rhonda Wright’s Mega Mud - Turned Oasis!

Rhonda Wright’s Mega Mud - Turned Oasis!

Tis the season, mud season! Around these parts, our busiest time of year isn’t as the snow is falling, or the ground is freezing. It’s spring; a time when things are melting, rain is falling and the water has no place to go. Mud control suddenly leaps to the top of the list on horse and livestock properties everywhere. As horse a horse owner, you understand that the slop and muck associated with spring showers is most problematic when it comes to abscesses, thrush and rain rot. Regardless of location, this last winter has brought us a lot of snow in places that aren’t used to it, and not enough in places that need it! Spring run off is bound to be epic, and it’ll only get worse when those March and April showers start to hit. MEGA MUD is on it’s way, so knowing how to get rid of mud will soon be the top skill set of the season.

Fixing mud problems - Where to start?

Luckily, there’s lighthoof. You can install our sturdy, innovative mud management panels and address mud control before you even have a mud problem. Install the panels now as the snow melts, even if your paddocks are already a mess, and never have a mud problem again.  You can get your horses out of the mud right away AND spare  yourself the  headache and expense of the MEGA MUD next year.

Lighthoof customer turned ambassador, Rhonda W. shared her install in this awesome facebook video and told us that we should “change the name to Oasis, because it’s a beautiful dry haven in the midst of all the deep clay mud.”

Thanks Rhonda, we’re so happy it’s helped your critters get a little dryer at the barn! Check out the great video she did of her install!

“2 panels, 3 humans, 1 tractor and an afternoon got the Lighthoof panels installed. I think they should change the name to OASIS, because it's a beautiful dry haven in the midst of all the deep clay mud. Easy to install, easy to maintain. We will be ordering more soon, in fact I love these panels so much I’d be a Lighthoof “oasis” dealer!!”

How to get rid of mud -

We love seeing our panels turn your properties into an “oasis”. Install is easy, and while it’ll remove the hassle and stress of wading through the muck, the health benefits to your animals will be worth it. Check out some of our frequently asked questions for contractor or DIY installing. Just remember, you really can be mud free, forever!

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