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Equestrians love how easy Lighthoof is to install, and the permanent mud solution it provides! Read just a few testimonials from some happy Lighthoof users. Send us your testimonial and photos to be featured on our website!

2 panels, 3 humans, 1 tractor and an afternoon got the Lighthoof panels installed. I think they should change the name to OASIS, because it's a beautiful dry haven in the midst of all the deep clay mud. Easy to install, easy to maintain. We will be ordering more soon, in fact I love these panels soo much I'd be a LightHoof "oasis" dealer!!

2 panels, 3 humans, 1 tractor and an afternoon got the Lighthoof panels installed. I think they should change the name...

Posted by Rhonda Wright on Friday, February 3, 2017

Rhonda Wright from Charleston, WV

Owens Equine Sports Medicine - Issaquah, WA

Horse at Owens Equine Sports Medicine I installed my Lighthoof panels in front of my new run in shelter, about 9 months ago.  I am super happy with it.  Have been recommending it to everyone, esp. the boarding barns with high traffic.

Horse standing in a dry paddock that uses Lighthoof at Owens Equine Sports Medicine. My two mares have 3/4 acre to run around in, but have spent 95% of their time on the gravel pad.  This means that 95% of the manure and urine end up on the Lighthoof as well, yet there are no smelly or wet areas.

Dr. Sarah Jane Owens It is very easy to clean the surface of the crushed rock. Overall, it was very easy for me and my young assistant to install in one day.

Dr. Sarah Jane Owens DVM MRCVS

NOTE FROM LIGHTHOOF: We loved visiting Sarah's website to learn about her equine sports medicine services and read about her amazing adventures in veterinary medicine! www.owensequine.com

Paddocks are great and horses happy! They are staying high and dry thanks to Lighthoof.

Lori K. (Snohomish, WA)

Red Fern Stables - Redmond, WA

Red Fern Stables Lighthoof Case StudyAt Red Fern Stables, horses have 24/7 access to paddocks off of their stalls. We'd tried several other solutions to keep these areas pristine year-round for our client's horses and found that we were having to invest more money each season to prevent mud issues. We chose Lighthoof because we wanted a permanent solution that would provide the horses with a safe and clean outdoor living area without us having to redo the footing year after year.

-Lars Knudsen, Owner - Red Fern Stables

NOTE FROM LIGHTHOOF: Red Fern Stables is a great place to board if you are looking for a dressage facility in the Redmond, WA area with training/lessons and a close-knit community! Check them out at www.redfernstables.com

John G from Orcas Island uses Lighthoof mud management panels.Installation went well, is it odd I'm looking forward to rain?

John G. (Orcas Island, WA)

Miller Farm Sporthorses - Ridgefield, WA

Before and After Lighthoof mud management panels.We finished our Lighthoof installation and it looks beautiful! I was able to install by myself, I did it over existing ankle deep mud and my sloping ramp has held all the gravel in place for three months now.

Carrie Miller of Miller Farm Sporthorses loves Lighthoof mud management panels to solve difficult mud problems.I am very impressed that even the gravel above the panels is staying in place. Also my horses love it so much they don’t leave it!

Carrie Miller, owner - Miller Farm Sporthorses Read more about this project.

River Run Ranch - Carnation, WA

River Run Ranch Lighthoof Case StudyI LOVE my horse’s mud-free gate area! My horse, Jobim, enjoys his acre of beautiful grass turnout at the lovely River Run Ranch year-round, but our NW rainy season can last from October to June, rendering the front 10 feet where he has to walk through his gate everyday a muddy, slippery mosh pit. I installed an 8’ x 21’ section of Lighthoof Equine paddock base panels in January, literally in the rain, over existing deep mud and muck in a single afternoon. Truly, if I could do it with the help of one friend, anyone can! It covers the highest traffic area-his entrance and exit path near the gate, and it remained blissfully dry through our wet winter into the soggy spring. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting a safe, affordable, and easy to maintain solution to equine mud problems.

Mary F. at River Run Ranch

Mary Jane Jacobs

The barn area looks great!!!

Thank you guys very much!!!

Mary Jane J.

Pasado's Safe Haven - Monroe, WA

So far we haven't had to add any footing. The cows all want to LAY on it! We suspect it's probably a more comfortable laying surface than the ground with all of the large rocks.

Sarah C., Pasado's Safe Haven
Lighthoof to the Rescue: Creating a Mud-Free Cattle Area at Pasado's Safe Haven

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