How to Get Mud off of a Shaggy Horse

How to Get Mud off of a Shaggy Horse

I am absolutely never shaggy. A little scruff is all this little track pony ever develops in the winter. But my pasture buddy Herman gets as hairy as a goat! I really have considered shearing him and selling the hair for fancy sweaters. He doesn't wear a blanket and he's deliriously happy with his hippie hairdo.

A shaggy coat makes mud removal much more difficult.Lots of folks choose to let their horses go au natural in the winter and spend their days in pasture. But just because they're shaggy, that doesn't mean they can't clean up nicely! Herman's human is an expert in all things horse hair, and she knows the best way to clean Herman so that he looks like a fancy little man even with his fuzz! I'll tell you her secrets for getting mud off of my hirsute pal: 

  • Metal curry combs can help remove thick, dried mud from your horse's shaggy coat.She always lets Herman come in and dry before she grooms him. Yes, this means a bit of planning. But it's worth it!
  • She has one favorite tool: the metal curry comb.
  • She rakes Herman with the metal curry. It's amazing at getting into the crusty mud.
  • She takes her time. This isn't a rush job.
  • She is careful not to hurt his bonier and tender parts with the metal curry.
  • Once the metal curry gets rid of the big stuff, then she grooms him with the usual tools.

Grooming your horse's shaggy winter coat to remove mud helps them stay warm and healthy in the cold weather.You'd be amazed by how good this guy looks! Mud doesn't have to mean your horse is filthy all the time. There is hope! But you might be interested in some alternatives to a shaggy, muddy horse:

For protecting a clean short coat like mine, here is a great article on blanketing your horse.

For reducing mud, here is how Lighthoof works!

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