How to Make a Mud-Free Gateway in Your Horse Pasture

How to Make a Mud-Free Gateway in Your Horse Pasture

Hey folks! Tycho here with a confession to make: When it's time to come in and eat my pellets for dinner, I like to do a little dance at my pasture gate. I'm just so excited to come in and munch that yummy feed! But the result is a huge, mucky puddle that my human and I must walk through to get to the field! My feet sink into the mud, sometimes sucking at my shoes, and coating my legs in nasty goop! It's slippery too, which is dangerous for a little horse like me.

But here's a solution: create a mud-free "pad" at the gate! One or two Lighthoof panels (depending on the size of the problem) can cover the high-traffic, trampled area around the pasture entrance.

A great idea is to frame the pad with some railroad ties. That protects the edges of the Lighthoof panels and makes a perfect mat!

Personally, I call it my dancing stage. I think my evening performance is worthy of a stage and an audience! Now I have a place to get down and boogie without coating myself in mud. And for some reason my human is less cranky too. Go figure!

To learn more about how Lighthoof plastic grid panels work with gravel to eliminate mud in a small area or a full horse paddock, watch this video. You'll be glad you did! Until next time, happy trails.


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